Boccia - A Sport for All

Boccia - A Sport For All aims at supporting the inclusion of young people with disabilities through sport and civic engagement. The establishment of Boccia sport club in the city of Kutaisi is envisioned by the end of the project. To that end the following measures are foreseen in the scope of the project:

  • Information campaign

  • Boccia trainings

  • Personal development and advocacy trainings

  • Acquisition of sport inventory

  • Volunteering activities

  • Advocacy activities

  • Preparation of tutorial videos

  • Boccia tournament

The project aims to achieve the following results:

  • The establishment of Boccia sport club

  • Popularization of healthy lifestyle

  • Development of team, leadership and sport competencies among participants

  • Increased public awareness of disability issues


The project is funded by the U.S. Embassy in Georgia through the Alumni Grants Program. It is carried out with financial contribution of Kutaisi City Hall and in partnership with college Iberia.

გაიგეთ მეტი ბოჩას შესახებ. იხ. ვიდეო ქართული სუბტიტრებით.